Candidates On the Record About Snowmobiles

Snowmobiles are important in Northwest Minnesota, as outdoor recreation, in our manufacturing economy, and as a component of our tourism industry. Minnesota's world-class snowmobile trails draw dollars to our region every year. It's something state and national candidates don't often mention, but snowmobile trail management and support for snowmobile legislation should be on everyone's radar as we vote in this part of the state. Connie Lindstrom and many other candidates across the state answered questions for the Minnesota United Snowmobile Association to respond to their legislative concerns. Click to check out what the candidates had to say as you prepare to cast your ballot. In particular, as Lindstrom noted in her responses, "Local grant in aid funding, including trails, is a key component of keeping our regional tax burden low—by supporting this type of funding, we are supporting the common‐sense idea that it’s fair for all the users of our trail system to help pay for its maintenance (not just the people who are local taxpayers)."

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